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My Birthday trip to Seoul

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

My birthday proved another successful trip to Seoul. Unfortunately, most of my friends were skiing or elsewhere that weekend. I wanted to go to Seoul, so I dragged Lawrence with me on a cold, early Sunday morning. We caught a slow train to Seoul that got us into Seoul station at midday.

Firstly, we went to Korea’s biggest market, Dongdaemun market. That’s where we saw all this ice by the river. It really is colder in Seoul than it is in Daegu!

We didn’t do anything much there but wander around and eat Korean pancake. The market was (obviously) huge and sold anything you could think of.

A classic Konglish sign found at the market!

I also found some very “classy” Union Jack handbags that I know my mum and sister would love to own!

We then went to the National Museum of Korea. The picture above is the outside of the museum. You can see Namsan Tower in the background. The museum building was impressive and inside it was just as modern.

The museum was set up so it took you through all the stages of Korean history.


Even on a Sunday it wasn’t too busy and there was a cheap-ish cafe to grab a coffee, if you needed too, I did! I wanted to curl up like this skeleton.


The museum was free to get in, most exhibits were shown in Korean and English and you only had to pay for special exhibits.

We spent about two hours in there, but missed quite a lot of the museum, so you could easily spend a few hours in there.


We then caught the subway to Itaewon. Itaewon is the ‘foreigner area’. You can find large sized clothing and western brands etc. You can find western brands EVERYWHERE in Korea in Lotte department stores etc but sometimes the sizes you need can be hard to find.

Above is a picture of a dog that lives in Itaewon in a scooter.

I am a UK size 7 (US size 9) in shoes and even in Itaewon I couldn’t find my size. I have to get my mum to send me shoes from the UK or I think internet sites like ASOS deliver internationally. Though, I’ve never ordered anything to Korea except via my very kind parents.


So, we wandered around Itaewon which is right next to one of the military bases in Seoul, so there were many foreigners milling about.

A statue at the bottom of Namsan Tower.

We took the subway to Myeong-dong and caught a bus up to Namsan tower. We were pretty hungry by this point and were running out of time. So we went straight to the Italian restaurant at the base of the tower. I hadn’t been there since the summer and had forgotten how nice it was with the view over Seoul.


The food was also delicious and I had a really nice glass of white wine with my cheese risotto.


We left the restaurant and watched the tower being lit up by lights and images spiralling up the tower:






It was a very good end to my birthday…


…well not quite, we also celebrated with a slice of chocolate cake and cheesecake from Paris Baguette cafe, on the way back from Seoul on the KTX train.